Munich for Transients



My final trip in 2010: Munich

When I said “I have never been to Munich”, I received suspicious looks or comments like: “Dude, never been to munich?” – “Yeah, so what?” There are a lot of cities in Europe that I consider more exciting than Munich. My focus for the visit was to meet good friends of mine. so no need to take a closer look to the city.

St. Paul

St. Paul

However, the city has to offer a few sights for those who are interested in historic architecture.
Just my two cents, Munich is a good place to visit if you are going to see Vienna or Budapest afterwards.  Because this city can give you first taste of historicism – an architectural style that copies “historical” styles. Good examples for historicism that I have seen in my – very short – tour through Munich are the town hall and St. Paul’s. But Budapest can be considered as THE zenith for historicism (maybe more about my trip to Budapest later).

Feldherrnhalle, Odeonsplatz

Feldherrnhalle, Odeonsplatz

Another interesting copy of a historic architecture is the Feldherrnhalle, Odeonsplatz.
The template for this building was the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence. The original has to offer a bit more than a few statues. Oh talking about statues, Munichs Bavaria is impressively huge.

Maybe I will visit the Bavarian capital more often in the next year(s). I haven’t seen the  main attraction yet 😉

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