Palabras Españoles de la Semana / Spanish Words of the Week (CW6)

Calendar Week 6, 2011:
Next time I should rename it to “Mexican words of the week”. Each day the people teach me at least one new Mexican word or expression – but most of them require a firearms license 😉

español english
la junta the gathering, the meeting
el cronograma the schedule, the project plan
dañado,-a [LA] damaged, defective
fresa [adjective / mex.] beautiful, cool
¡A huevo! [mex.] Yes, Of course!
el traspaso the transfer (of risk / of perils)

Intranslatable (Mexican?) word of the week: tringlas
That’s a small rack to hang clothes in shops or warehouses. Wheels make the rack transportable. Most likely translation would be “wardrobe trolley” or simply “trolley”.

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