50 Books Challenge 2012 – The Biographies

My “50 books challenge” of this year included already a couple of biographies. The autobiography of Richard Branson (#23), collected stories from the CEOs of Puma (#09), a book on IKEA that can be considered as biography of Ingvar Kamprad (#08), and the authorized biography of Steve Jobs (#07).

Biography of Steve Jobs

Biography of Steve Jobs

Although I am not fond of Steve Jobs, I read his biography. It is impressive how many terms and paraphrases were used by the author Steven Isaacson to avoid saying that Steve Jobs was an asshole. How many ways are there to say that a person lacks social skills? Maybe Isaacson did it to prepare the stage for one of my favourite quotes from the book. In one of the last chapters, Steve Jobs says directly that he is an asshole! According to him it is no secret. Well, how true!But talking about the book itself, you recognise by the enthusiastic tone which chapters were written under the influence of interviews with Jobs himself. The sections based on interviews clearly show effects of the “Reality Distortion Field”.

On the other hand, the “Reality Distortion Field” is a good example for Jobs social skills. He used it as a propeller for innovation and as a motivator for tremendous breakthroughs in technology. His passion for perfection and his intrigue product presentations are factors for the success of Apple.

Jobs was an ambigious person. There are attempts for critical thoughts in his biography.

It was a good read after all.

Stay hungry! Stay foolish!

A little sidemark for readers of the German version. The second edition still contains translation errors …

#07 – Authorisierte Biographie von Steve Jobs – Steven Isaacson, Bertelsmann
#08 – Die 11 Geheimnisse des IKEA-Erfolgs – Rüdiger Jungbluth , Campus Verlag
#09 – Die PUMA Story – Rolf-Herbert Peters, Carl Hanser Verlag
#23 – Business ist wie Rock’n’Roll – Richard Branson, Campus Verlag


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