50 Books Challenge: The Best of 2013

Once again I did it. I completed the 50th Books Challenge in 2013 with over 50 that I read cover to cover – plus a bunch of books that I started or read partly.

Quite a number of books on my list are nonfictional or text-books. This year, I read an enormous amount of fitness related guides, especially for running. One of my favorites this year deals with the topic of  natural running, ultra-running, paleo background on running, etc. etc. – in short, the definite story about a truly human feature:

Born to Run – Christopher McDougall


Every year, I read at least  one book with a large volume of pages. this year it was the fictional lifetime story of  The Aztec – Gary Jennings

It tells the life of an aztec from his birth, through his life as child, warrior, writer, merchant, chronist of the aztec empire’s fall etc. etc.  It’s worth a read for all that want to learn about the aztec culture or those that like historic tales – this time, from a non-european perspective. I was occupied with this book from March until the end of the year. On one hand because I read several other books in parallel and due to the sheer volume of the book (the lines are crammed and the font is small).


What Einstein Told his Cook- Robert L. Wolke

I read a bunch of books about chemical background on cooking and food. This one was one of the best because it is as entertaining as detailed and accurate, although not too technical to still understand it without deep knowledge of “hard-core chemistry”.



I am looking forward into a new 50 book challenge in 2014! Are you in for the challenge?

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