50 Book Challenge 2014 – The First Half

Once again in 2014 – as in the years before – a journey through 50+ books is scheduled.

Up to the time of writing this post, I read mostly non-fictional books. It had to do with my private projects which were challenge of their own: Work in Shanghai for a month, looking for a new flat etc. . Since I like to be prepared, I read guide books on Chinese culture, Chinese  language, travel guides about Shanghai … you name it.

One of the first – and immediately among the best books – of 2014 was The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. To describe it in few words: Ridiculously creative, witty, hilariously funny and surprising twists. Some parts a bit too ridiculous – but a good read on the whole. Once started, I read every time I had the chance to read. Big recommendation to anyone that likes funny novels.

Another novel that I finished this year was “The Ciderhouse Rules”. It was a recommendation by the same person that lend me “The Hundred-Year-Old ….”.  Worth reading as well.

The German book “Die Abenteuer meines ehemaligen Bankberaters” was so far the biggest disappointment of this year. The idea is simple: A German author writes E-Mails to Bruce Willis to convince the Hollywood start to take over the role of the banking consultant in the latest book by the author. But since Willis never writes back, forcing the author to repeat his requests to Willis over and over … it gets pretty boring – even unnerving. Die Zeit nailed it: Not deep enough, next time the author has to really work. It has some funny moments, but on the whole no real plot nor interesting ideas

Non-fictional text books:

Mostly cultural background for business travel to Shanghai, books for my “flat project”, some science comics …


… and the queue is full for the rest of the year.

So far for today, stay tuned for the rest and stay tuned for updates to this post 🙂