My Most Memorable Breaking Bad Moments

–  The trailer; which is also the start of 1st episode. … I just thought: WTF? This is going to be a series of my taste – intelligent entertainment.

– Episode “4 days out” cooking meth with the song

– Walter White chasing the fly (Episode Fly)

– Jesse taking Heroine with Jane and moves to ceiling – – –

4th season – The “Box Cutter” scenes.

4th season end of episode “Crawl Space”. When Walter is looking for money, Skyler gave it to Tedd… Walter breaks up laughing, genious camera zooming out, Walter shackles in laughter… background noise as tension.

When Skyler White is “breaking bad”
– money laundering
– going after Ted and erasing traces with IRS
– yelling at Marie Schrader “shut up”
Cut from Skyler White watching shooting scarface to money counting machine

Final episode 4th season – the final stand of Gus Fring

– opener 5th season – Walter White: “Because I say so…” -> what a tremendous character development we find in him when comparing this bold statement to the man he was at the beginning of the TV show

3rd episode in fifth season: Cooking in pest control house with cool soundtrack

– Star Trek script invented by Badger(?) in first episode of second part 5th season (Blood Money)

Momorable Episodes:

1st Season
– Pilot

2nd Season
– Four Days Out
– Negro y Azul

3rd Season
– No Más
– Full Measures

4th season
– Hermanos(?)
– Salud
– Face Off

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