50 Books Challenge 2017 – First Half

Year in, year out; the 50 Books Challenge goes on – for the 6th year in a row I read more than 50 books from cover to cover – not counting short books with less than 180 pages or comic books.

In the first quarter, I were already half through the challenge.

My favourite books after half of this years challenge:

Dreams from my Father – Barack Obama

Voll Speed – Moritz Mathies (in general stories by him are diverting and a bit funny, although they are short diversions, nothing with a deeper meaning – just for fun)

Hexe von Hamburg – Antje Windgassen (historic novel, based on real transcriptions on a witch process in Hamburg)

Der gute Psychopath in dir – Kevin Dutton, AndyMacNab (What is a good psychopath? 😉 )

The Martian – Andy Weir
Best fictional book so far this year. Accurate science, witty but believable character, tense story-writing – hard to put away once started. I don’t want to see the movie – it will ruin everything.

28a) Natürlich süßen mit Früchten und Beeren – Sue Quinn (156) – first time ever that I put a cookbook on the list of good reads.

The more I think about it, the more it does not belong to the best books but more likely to the worst.

The focus of this book is clearly on presentation, nice graphics, and colorful pictures of ingredients before you start coooking -> instead of bette explaining how to mix and cook the ingredients appropriately.

It lacks explanations, and there is lots of room for improvement but well, the info graphics are neat. It is shocking that I liked the book initially .. but as I said the more I reflect and the more recipes I try, the more improvement this book needs.

37) Short History of Tractor in Ukrainian – Marina Lewycka (223)