Cuba 2016 – Erst Jugendtraum, dann fixe Idee und schließlich Urlaub

Anfang des Jahres 2016 saß ich an einem Wochenende mit meiner Familie zusammen. Diese Versammlungen spätabends vor dem Fernseher (meist unwillkürlich) führten diesmal allerdings zu einer Dokumentation der ARD:

Eine fixe Idee entstand: Dieses Jahr Kuba sehen, bevor die Amis kommen. Einmal noch den kubanischen Sozialismus selbst erleben.

Als Jugendlicher war es ein kleiner Traum von mir jene Karibikinsel zu besuchen. Meine damals sehr linksliberalen Ansichten, meine Ideale, das Erbe Ché Guevaras und letztlich auch der in den Neunzigern populäre “Buena Vista Social Club” weckten mein Interesse und den Wunsch “Wenn ich einmal genug Geld habe, dann reise ich nach Kuba.”

Die fixe Idee nach Kuba zu reisen gärte an jenem Winterabend Ende Januar, blieb jedoch erstmal nur “eine fixe Idee”.

Auf den Winter folgte Frühling und schließlich Sommer mit weiteren Dokumentationen auf öffentlich rechtlichen Sendern, die sich Kuba widmeten: 


Während des Sommers 2016 plagte mich wieder Depression und seelische Leere. Warum also nicht jene fixe Idee in die Tat umsetzen? Warum nicht nach langer Abstinenz von Urlaubsreisen wieder Geld in die Hand nehmen? Noch einmal Kuba?

Cuban Tour

Cuba – Travel Route

Tourverlauf – Oktober/November 2016:


Pinar del Río / Viñales


Santiago de Cuba

Bucht westlich von Santiago

Santiago de Cuba



Sancti Spiritus


Playa Ancón


Santa Clara

Cayo Santa Maria

Hemingways Finca -> Havana


…. in den nächsten Wochen (Monaten?) folgen die Reiseberichte, Fotos, Impressionen

.. und nach meiner Rückkehr berichtete noch der WDR teilweise aus denselben Orten und sogar Hotels in denen ich unterwegs war:

50 Books Challenge 2016 – Best Of

Year in, year out; the 50 Books Challenge goes on – for the 5th year in a row I read more than 50 books from cover to cover – not counting short books with less than 180 pages or comic books.

In 2016 I finished roughly 59 books. Most of them were non-fiction textbooks about science, IoT literature, cooking/kitchen chemistry, and lots of medical books about diabetes. But I also picked up a few novels and classics.

My favourites of 2016:

08) Der Gastrosexuelle Mann – Carsten Otte (as eBook)
09) Winners Dream – Bill McDermott
10) Kaffeebuch – Johanna Wechselberger, Tobias Hierl
12) Schauen Sie sich mal diese Sauerei an – Jörg Nießen
20) Die Geschichte der Welt in 100 Objekten – Neil MacGregor
23) Die Entdeckung der Currywurst – Uwe Timm
43a) Cross-Over Comic: Star Trek & Planet of the Apes – David Tipton, Rachel Stott
44) Islands in the Stream – Ernest Hemingway
46) Resonate – Nancy Duarte
48) Life of Pi – Yann Martel


My Most Memorable Breaking Bad Moments

–  The trailer; which is also the start of 1st episode. … I just thought: WTF? This is going to be a series of my taste – intelligent entertainment.

– Episode “4 days out” cooking meth with the song

– Walter White chasing the fly (Episode Fly)

– Jesse taking Heroine with Jane and moves to ceiling – – –

4th season – The “Box Cutter” scenes.

4th season end of episode “Crawl Space”. When Walter is looking for money, Skyler gave it to Tedd… Walter breaks up laughing, genious camera zooming out, Walter shackles in laughter… background noise as tension.

When Skyler White is “breaking bad”
– money laundering
– going after Ted and erasing traces with IRS
– yelling at Marie Schrader “shut up”
Cut from Skyler White watching shooting scarface to money counting machine

Final episode 4th season – the final stand of Gus Fring

– opener 5th season – Walter White: “Because I say so…” -> what a tremendous character development we find in him when comparing this bold statement to the man he was at the beginning of the TV show

3rd episode in fifth season: Cooking in pest control house with cool soundtrack

– Star Trek script invented by Badger(?) in first episode of second part 5th season (Blood Money)

Momorable Episodes:

1st Season
– Pilot

2nd Season
– Four Days Out
– Negro y Azul

3rd Season
– No Más
– Full Measures

4th season
– Hermanos(?)
– Salud
– Face Off

What I like about Breaking Bad… …what I dislike about Breaking Bad


– plot of series
– the mix between humor and drama in the first season.

– character constellations …
– Coincidences that make situations worse – and hilariously funny (especially in first season -> escalation in each season)
– character developments over the seasons
– serious/believable acting
– chemistry facts – not always accurate but realistic
– not glorifying (meth) drug consumption
– wrecked addicts -> especially meth heads
soundtrack (cooking meth, drug trip Jesse and Jane, Valley of the sun at end of episode green light, I’m not a rocket scientist start of episode Más, start, mid, end of episode sunset, Shimmy Shimmy Ya when Jesse plays in the lab -> episode before Kafkaesque (I see you?) )
Spanish/mexican gitars when Walter and Jesse destroy the superlab (last episode of 4th season)
Lets have fun and swing music during jail assassination in end of 5th season
Quimey Neuquén
Written by José Larralde
Performed by José Larralde
Quimey Neuquen (Remix of Jose Larralde Original)
Performed by Chancha Via Circuito

– getting better from season to season
– know your chemistry and the world is open
– guest stars:
-> Danny Trejo (as “Tortuga”)
->John de Lancie (as Donald – Dad of Jane)
– Robert in last season

– Innovative Camera perspectives: shovel cam, grabbing money (5th season mikes guy getting money from number cases)

– Let’s cook!
Quotes from Más:
A man bears up … and goes on
Chemistry has to be respected
Quotes from Abiqui:
You can help me cook- how iconic Walt already cooks for him
Episode hermanos: Pollos hermanos where something good is always cooking.
Tagging trees is a lot better than chasing monsters – Hank 5th season end

Constant escalation from season to season

– Character developments
= Walter from shy/duckmäuser to drug lord
= Jesse the drug addict, child, to grown up, having great ideas that move them forward (with Mike, to destroy evidence, steal methylamine acid …)

Who is not breaking bad in the series? Almost any reoccuring character dreck am stecken – even Hank when he uses Walter to install tracker to Gus Fringes car

Business aspects of drug dealing/distribution

– chemistry teacher not earning enough to support family -> even with second job
– discussing meth business in public places (Lydia Walt with Fring) – anyone might listen

50 Books Challenge 2015 – Best Of

Year in, year out; the 50 Books Challenge goes on – for the 4th year in a row I read more than 50 books from cover to cover – not counting short books with less than 180 pages and comics or graphic novels are also not included.

In 2015 I finished at least 53 books; varying from non-fictous topics (for example, every-day-chemistry, cooking/cuisine science, drug reports …) to massively huge novels (Don Winslows novels about drug cartels, Steven Kings “Under the Dome”, Dan Browns “Inferno”) up to sci-fi stories.

I’d like to point out the following books:


  • Inferno – Dan Brown (#7)
  • Ein Mann namens Ove – Frederik Backman (#36)
  • “Days of the Dead” and “The Cartel” – both by Don Winslow


  • Fiesta: The Sun also Rises – Ernest Hemingway (#31)
  • Gulliver’s Travel  – Jonathan Swift (#32)
  • Der illustrierte Mann – Ray Bradbury (#42)


  • Anleitung zur Schwerelosigkeit (Astronaut’s Guide to life on Earth) – Chris Hadfield (#24)
  • Crystal Meth – Wie eine Droge unser Land überschwemmt – Dr. Roland Härtel-Petri (#19)
  • Rätsel der Kochkunst – Hervé This-Benckhard (#44)


Asterix und die Trabantenstadt (#12a)