50 Books Challenge 2017 – A Legacy …

Another new year – Another 50 Books Challenge

This first books of 2017 that I’ve read were again about kitchen science, an IT text book, and temporary non-fiction. I haven’t started a novel yet.

Nonetheless, I already stumbled upon a good read which has good chances to stay among my favourite books I’ve read in 2017.

When browsing for biographies and literature about Barack Obama, I found one copy of selected speeches from his presidential campaign in 2008 as well as a so-called bestseller by Obama himself: “Dreams from my Father

For the time being, I prefer reading Obamas own words instead of books about him (books from the earlier years of his presidency lack a lot of events during the last years) – I have the patience to wait for his biography from his own feather.

His bestseller Dreams from my Father has three parts: His childhood, Chicago, and Kenya

The childhood part was interesting to me because I didn’t know so much about his family  background. I couldn’t quite follow the part in Chicago, although, this part might contain the key chapters about black identity, understanding Afro-Americans, and struggle of black people in the US in the eighties. It might also be the start of his political career.

The part when Obama visits his relatives in Kenya caught my attention again.

From my viewpoint, the message about finding own identity, looking for a father he only knew from one visit was clear the big theme of this book.

Digging and searching for his African ancestors history…

Special attention should be given to the Epilogue (a visit to a teacher in Kenya). This last and short part could be interpreted it as an important final appeal and as an attempt to answer a few of the questions of Obamas life journey.


Barack Obama – Dreams from my Father

Some critics in Internet forums complain that the book is not a biography. Well, I was aware of that before and didn’t consider it as biography when I picked it. Some readers complain that the book is boring. Well, there are auto-biographical elements and the book depicts real-life stories from Obamas youth. A reader not interested in Obamas family background and his search/struggle for identity might find it boring.

To me, it was interesting to read because I consider it as a head-start to get to know Obamas heritage, family background, and how early life events/life path lead to him studying and becoming the well-known first black US president.

Legacy of his father – Himself legacy for the USA


Gabriel García Márquez – Realismo Mágico

Un otro laureata de Premio Nobel: Gabriel García Márquez

Lei su libro “Cien años de soledad” el mes pasado. Al igual otros libros como han ganado el Premio Nobel, es interesante pero no creo es extraordinario. Sin embargo, me gustan mucho las metáforas en eso libro. Son muy ilustrativo.

Esos dias leo “Amor en tiempos de cholera”. Generalmente, cuentos de amor no me interesan nada. Pero me gusta el estilo de Márquez. Se llama realismo mágico. El motivo mayor es utilización de cosas fantásticos.

… ah sí, hay escritores de eso estilo en Alemania también. ¿Conoce Günter Grass? Es laureata de Premio Nobel también 😉

And the Nobel Prize goes to …

Tonight is the night the scientific community waited for all year.

The Nobel Prizes are awarded to people who dedicated their time to science,literature, and peaceful coexistence.

I’d like to point out that a lot of the laureates achieved their tremendous breakthroughs decades ago. Take this years winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine as a perfect example for a Nobel Prize laureate. Robert G. Edwards gained this year’s prize “for the development of in vitro fertilization” [nobel.se] .

Once again it took decades to realize the astonishing leap of medicinal research. But I think that is part of the modern Nobel Price; take a few decades to see whether yesterdays hype has changed the world to the better.

The Roman Catholic Church is still opposing in vitro fertilization,  sci-fi stories tell about the ambiguous moral behind it. But there is also one other aspect: In vitro fertilization totally deserves the Nobel Prize

Congratulations to Robert G. Edwards!

… and another thing: When I was on summer vacation in Madrid I also went to a library becuase I was looking for novel about Madrid during its siege in Spanish Civil War. However, I also found a few volumes by the Latin American writer Mario Vargas Llosa. I thought “Wow… way too expensive right now. Furthermore, Spanish-writing Nobel laureates are hard to read. I would have problems to translate and understand that heavy kind of literature”. I attributed Llosa with the Nobel Prize one month before the Swedish Academy did! 🙂

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