Star Trek on the Planet of the Apes

On the chase for interesting reads in my 50 Books Challenge of 2015, I paid a visit to the section of graphic novels in the library. Although, comics don’t count in my books list –  unless the text outweighs the drawings – every once in a while I enjoy the artwork and design of those drawings. I was browsing through Star Trek comic books when a really good cover art of my favourite sci-fi stories met my eye:

A crossover of Star Trek with The Planet of the Apes

It seemed just as interesting and tempting to read it just as absurd it might sound on the first appeal. My curiosity was lighted up. I took it and read it in just two sittings.

The cover art is spectacular. The drawings depict the TOS characters quite accurate. The most accurate depiction to my judgement was the character of the Klingon Kor. Other secondary characters as well (for example, Pavel Chekov).

The story was not as good as in the series, however, worth reading if you are a fan of both series.

Unfortunately, the German translation of the dialogues seemed floppy – either by accident or as a kind of nostalgia (because the dubbed German TOS episodes are also floppy 🙂 )

Anyway, even if the story itself did not blow me away, the cover art does 🙂



50 Years of Star Trek – Anniversary Playlist

My Playlist:

== Movies ==

Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country

== TOS ==

Where no Man has Gone Before

City on the Edge of Tomorrow

Balance of Terror

Taste of Armageddon

Amok Time


Day of the Dove

Mirror, Mirror

Patterns of Force

Let that be your last Battlefield

Troubles with Tribbles

== TNG ==

The Measure of a Man

Best of Both Worlds I+II

Data’s Day

I, Borg


== DS9 ==

Trials and Tribble-ations