Golden Ratio

While traveling through Tuscany, I was photographed in front of the Torre di Pisa. My intention was to get a unique picture of me and the tower. There are thousands of pictures with tourists that pretend to hold/push the tower with their hands. To add some irony, I wanted a picture of me kicking the bell tower. Here it is:

Me and the Torre di Pisa

Recently, I had a second look at the picture taken in June. Inspired by the fine art in Pisa and Florence I posed, unconsciously, in divine proportion aka Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio is defined as a sectioning of a line where the ratio between smaller and larger subsections equals the ratio of the larger subsection to the complete line segment:

\frac{a}{b} = \frac{a+b}{a}

The Golden Ratio can be found in various paintings from Da Vinci or other painters of Italian renaissance. But also in architecture, and in the nature as well. Just type it into google or wikipedia to see some examples.I depicted the Golden Ratio in my picture with red:

Golden Ratio

(remark, a’= b)

There is also the Golden Angle in my photo. I have painted it in orange:

Golden Angle


Honestly, I did not pose intentionally in the Golden Ratio or the Golden Angle. There is even more:

I sectioned the picture into further squares in order to approximate the Golden Spiral. I have brushed the golden spiral into the picture below with blue color – sorry to the colorblind for being ‘not accessible’, but you should be able to differ between straight lines and curved lines anyway 😉

Golden Spiral

Best regards from your Renaissance man ;-)>